Low Interest Loans, Philippines: ACOM or Local Banks

Low Interest Loans, Philippines: ACOM or Local Banks


With the current influx of lending and financing companies appearing left and right, it is really hard to say if you would still go for them instead of a much safer bet like local banks. Although local banks are well established and has the capability to lend you some cash, there are also financing businesses like ACOM that can provide you with something similar or a much better financial service.

Similarities of ACOM and Local Banks

ACOM a Non-Bank Financial institution and local banks both requests the applicant’s minimum required information like Government issued ID’s, and private data within the scope of its terms and agreement. They both conduct screenings, background checks to assess its client’s credit worthiness. Both ACOM and Local banks can disburse loans through personal bank accounts with Low-Interest rates in a monthly or agreed period of time.

Differences between ACOM and Local Banks

ACOM provides a reasonable amount of cash instead of bank credits or cheques, depending on its agreed terms. Usually it ranges from 6-12 months repayment and a flexible repayment period for revolving customers. This is how ACOM shows its Affection. As a first step in taking Confidence with its clients ACOM doesn’t require any co-makers and collateral unlike local banks which requires it as an additional security measure. ACOM offers fast cash where the results can be provided within 1-2 days rather than most local banks that releases its results within a week at best. The best part of ACOM is that it is one of the lowest interest lending providers for a financing company, and as a token of Moderation for the community it has an interest rate of just 4.563% per month but also diminishes up to 3.315% if the client pays early after the release of their statement of account, unlike local banks where the interest rate fluctuates between 4-8% per day depending on the flow of the economy. Convenience wise, ACOM also offers online application for its customers. Local banks usually have limited options of disbursement, while ACOM is flexible and can disburse cash through the customer’s personal bank accounts via Dragonpay or through money remittance via LBC.



It is really indicative that there are similarities between banks and financial institutions like ACOM, while both offer loans, financing companies like ACOM is more focused on bettering the service they provide.

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