As of July 2023, I am proud to have become ACOM Consumer Finance Corporation’s President. It fills me with great enthusiasm to join and lead the whole ACOM team in the Philippines. 

Over the past 24 years, I have had the privilege of being a part of ACOM CO., LTD., the parent company in Japan, where I embraced diverse responsibilities, from leading Branch Offices to overseeing Corporate Management, Finance, HR, and Business Planning. Notably, I served as the Chief Operating Officer of the parent company’s thriving subsidiary in Thailand called Easy Buy. With this wealth of experience, I am eager to drive ACOM’s growth in the Philippines and establish it as a trusted financing partner among Filipinos.

To achieve this endeavor, we will be focusing on bringing happiness to our clients and putting them at the center of our activities. Moving forward, we hope to deliver timely and quality customer service, bringing consistent value to our Filipino customers. Through our unwavering commitment, our aim is to foster a community of dedicated and content clients who will consistently choose to be part of our business journey.

In our pursuit of becoming a distinguished and reputable financial entity within the Philippines, we are equally driven by our aspiration to make a profound and positive impact on Philippine society and its economy.


15,000 PHP1,193.22 PHP748.25 PHP1,941.47 PHP
13,806.78 PHP1,252.74 PHP688.73 PHP1,941.47 PHP
12,544.04 PHP1,315.23 PHP626.24 PHP1,941.47 PHP
11.238.81 PHP1,380.84 PHP560.63 PHP1,941.47 PHP
9,857.97 PHP1,449.72 PHP491.75 PHP1,941.47 PHP
8,408.25 PHP1,522.04 PHP419.43 PHP1,941.47 PHP
6,886.22 PHP1,597.96 PHP343.51 PHP1,941.47 PHP
5,288.26 PHP1,677.67 PHP263.80 PHP1,941.47 PHP
3,610.58 PHP1,761.36 PHP180.11 PHP1,941.47 PHP
1,849.22 PHP1,849.22 PHP92.25 PHP1,941.47 PHP
TOTAL:15,000 PHP4,414.68 PHP19,414.68 PHP


6 – 10 – Flexible



3,500 – 500,000



4.988% mo.

APR = 59.86%
*Interest rate is computed on the principal balance, 
lower principal balance = lower interest payment.



See if you meet the following:

Filipino, 21 to 65 yrs old

Working tenure at least 3 months

At least ₱10,000 netpay or above

Present address must be within whole of Luzon

Has active workplace phone

Has active personal phone number

For Employees

A. 1 Valid Govt. Issued ID: (PHILSYS ID, SSS, GSIS, UMID, Passport, Driver’s License, Postal ID, Voter’s ID, PRC, NBI Clearance)


B. Proof of Employments:
1. Orig. Cert of Employment (w/in 3mos.) or Company ID,
2. (a.) Latest Payslips issued w/in 2 mos. (must reflect the 1st and 16th of  the cut-offs of 1 month, recommended with TIN)
or (b.)  BIR 2316


C. Proof of TIN/SSS: TIN Card, SSS Card, Recent BIR 2316, Company ID, Payslip
*No need for proof of TIN/SSS if you already have it in the other requirements such as Govt. ID or Proof of Employment




Visit in Person at any ACOM location near you.
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SMS Service
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(Check Balance, Available Loan Amount, Payment, Due Date, Additional Loan Amount, Update Personal Info)

How to Apply

Prepare Gov. ID, Employment Proofs & TIN Proof

*No need for TIN proof if you already have it on the Govt. ID & Employment Proof.
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Choose a location code to handle your application 

Get Your Cash

Deposited to your bank account,
GCash, Maya or get it from LBC

Repay Your Loan

Done monthly through Bayad Centers, GCash, Maya (via Bills then Loans), Cliqq 7-Eleven App, or at Cliqq Kiosks at 7-Eleven Stores.
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