ACOM Consumer Finance (ACF) Unveils New Logo

We’re thrilled to officially unveil our company’s new logo design, a fresh and innovative look that reflects our commitment to growth and progress.

A Symbol of Trust and Limitless Potential

The circular mark at the heart of our logo embodies the Circle of Trust, a founding concept that defines our approach. It signifies the strong, trusting relationships we strive to build with all our stakeholders: customers, employees, alliances, shareholders, partners, and society as a whole. This circle also symbolizes ACOM Group’s limitless potential for development as we continue to innovate and expand.

A Name Filled with Meaning

The very letters in our name, ACOM, hold deep meaning.

  • A stands for Affection, representing our dedication to fostering warm and caring relationships with our customers.
  • CO signifies Confidence, reflecting how we build trust through our interactions.
  • M embodies Moderation, highlighting our commitment to creating a balanced and sustainable organization.

More Than Just a Visual Change

This new logo design represents a significant transformation, not just visually. It embodies our continued growth and commitment to innovation, all while honoring our deep-rooted connection to ACOM Japan. This design truly captures the essence of who we are, a company constantly striving to be better.

We’re incredibly excited about this evolution and believe it marks a significant milestone in our journey. This new logo will be implemented across all our platforms, reflecting a unified and forward-thinking ACOM.

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