Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

About Our Loan

You may visit our branches and booths during business hours. For all our locations, please check here.

You may also apply online here.

The following is the criteria for application: ・Age: 21 to 65 years old ・Nationality: Filipino ・Working place: within Metro Manila ・Working tenure: at least 3 months ・Net monthly income: P10,000 and up ・Must have an own mobile phone & office landline phone

The following are the requirements for application: ・One original valid ID for each group (1 must contain present address; if not, provide Barangay Certificate or Utility Bill) ・Group A: TIN, SSS, GSIS, Unified Multipurpose ID ・Group B: Passport, Driver’s License, Postal ID, Voter’s ID, PRC, NBI Clearance ・2 original consecutive pay slips from latest 2 months payment or Certificate of Compensation or BIR 2316 ・Original Certificate of Employee or Employee ID

You can claim money at LBC branch without registering your bank account.

No need to bother any specific property or person for repayment.

・Term Loan: The products that does not allow additional borrowings during the repayment period. ・Revolving Loan: The additional borrowings are possible during the repayment period within the credit limit.

* 1st Term Loan, 2nd Term Loan and Revolving Loan which can be used consecutively with just one contract. Loan amount (credit limit) will increase per upgrade of product.

Term Loan: Up to PHP250,000 Revolving Loan: Up to PHP500,000 * However, the amount that you can borrow varies depending on the results of the examination.

Interest rate per month is diminishing from 4.563% – 3.315% if you pay early.

1st Term Loan: Processing fee PHP1,000 and Lending fee PHP500 2nd Term Loan: Lending fee PHP500 Revolving Loan: None

1st Term Loan: 6 months, 2nd Term Loan: 12 months, Revolving Loan: Flexible

Loan process is within the day at its shortest but it still depends on the evaluation.

Once approved, you will receive a confirmation via SMS.

Receiving & Payment

You can get it thru our receiving channels below:
・LBC Branch
・Personal Bank Account via Dragonpay

You can pay thru our repayment channels below:
・EC Pay (7-eleven)
・Bayad Center

You can repay at EC pay (7-eleven) or Bayad Center. You need to fill in your membership number which starts with “0001”
(000 must be input/total 11 digits),

Mobile Phone No. which is the same one you input during the application sheet contracting, but kindly do double check it in advance. Put the Exact amount and the Biller which is ACOM Consumer Finance Corporation.

You will receive a confirmation via SMS once payment has been processed.

The best time to make a payment is once you received your SOA that will be sent to you 14 days before your due date via postal mail or email because if you pay more than 15 days, your DUE DATE WILL NOT BE UPDATED

P500.00 will be charged monthly per delayed payment


・ACOM is one of the Leading Personal Loan Company in Japan.

Registered and Authorized by the SEC.

・No need to have a Co-maker and Collateral

・We have Fast Cash Loan: Get loan approval within the day at its shortest.

・Our Best Product Offered:
1st Term Loan, 2nd Term Loan and Revolving Loan, that can be used consecutively with 1 contract.

・We have Easy Monthly Repayment: Pay any time until due date and any amount over required payment.

・Our interest amount is calculated based on the number of days borrowed and outstanding balance

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Main Branch

Ground Floor, AIC Burgundy Empire Tower, along Sapphire Road, beside 7-Eleven, back of Robinson’s Galleria

Email: customer_service@acom.com.ph

Tel: (02) 5304-5200 / 0917-713-9761

Mon-Fri 10:00 AM-7:00 PM

Any further questions? Send us a message and talk to us.